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ah omg thank you so much! it really helps a ton, and it’s all useful information so thank you for the amount :p i had already started the manga and i am aware of the mature content, i’m just planning out my route so thank you! :)

np, glad to hear it helped in some way!

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Hello! I was wondering, do you read/have you read the Berserk manga, and have you watched the anime? Because occasionally you post some berserk and i was hoping you could recommend me which to do first. I was going to read it first but it's so long and i want to watch the anime as well (which seems like a compressed version, so if i read everything first then watch it'll seem oversimplified maybe?) and idk this is out of the blue lol sorry !

y es to both! berserk is definitely my all time favorite manga tbh (which probably doesn’t mean much considering i very rarely read manga anyway, but) and wow this is actually kind of a hard question for me to answer uh

like i said i do not usually read manga so if something has an anime i will always watch that first, but at the same time after reading the manga i honestly don’t think either the 90’s anime or the movie series are exactly very good adaptations??

the manga is definitely very long, it’s at 300+ chapters and has been going since what??? 1989??1990??? smth like that—but it also does not have a regular release schedule a t  a l l, the gap between chapters 333 and 334 was over a year long so it’s not like you can’t take your time reading it

and also like i said tho there are??? two anime series and i have a hard time choosing one over the other here

the 90s anime starts out like it’s going to begin with covering the first 3 volumes of the manga, but cuts out and replaces major characters and the first episode more or less covers the first chapter and then right at the end of the episode it literally just tHROWS YOU SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF VOLUME 4

now after that the anime does a pretty good job of covering the manga up until the last 5 episodes or so, tbh it’s a pretty good introduction to the series. then they start cutting out characters and events and imPORTANT PLOT THINGS then the anime just kinda ends in the middle of the plot and fades to white and the main character walks off into the distance. yeah.

the movies cover the same chapters that the 90s anime does—except it starts out around the middle of volume 4 (for reference they both cover about 10 volumes or so i think)

these are super super condensed and cut out things about characters and some scenes and really don’t focus on anyone other than the main three, but unlike the 90’s anime it doesn’t cut out important characters and events as much and the ending flows much much much better, giving off more of a to be continued vibe rather than MASSIVE FUCKING CLIFFHANGER

i know this ended up being a massive wall of text and i kinda didn’t even answer your question but??? i am so biased that i really can’t give a good answer here but hopefully that information will help you pick which one to start with first!

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